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We are a web design and development company in Sacramento that has provided these services all over the world. Choose the leading one-stop solution to your online presence and web development woes. From us, you can get customized web development and Web Design Services from the heart if Silicon Valley i.e., Sacramento.

Our websites and digital marketing have grown the sales of our customers from 20% to 400% within weeks. Our web design and development services are trusted by many businesses globally and locally, around Folsom, Roseville, Redding, Reno, Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, and other parts of United States.

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MarketinGear feels proud to have a team creative and skilled professionals with expertise in web design and development. With in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the Silicon Valley, our Website Design Company in Sacramento develop unique and traffic-driven websites. To make sure that your business gets more leads and conversions, we incorporate the latest research, features and technologies. To know more about our exceptional web design services, call us!.

Web design & Development Process?

We offer professional web design services at affordable rates to help your business attract more visitors and keep them on your site! We like to keep things simple but attractive to engage the most visitors and get results. Our simple web design and development process is defined below.


Situation Analysis

Understanding your business goals, needs and expectations in relations to market, competition and customers..


Planning & Strategy

Architecture, wireframes, design, content, and marketing strategies are researched, discussed, and streamlined are presented to clients.


Web Design and Development

After the approval of wireframes from the client, the graphics and content is designed and the website is developed.


Testing and Launch

Before launch, the final website is tested on all browsers, platforms and plans and is launched.

Full Range of Web Designing Services

We provide a wide array of quality web designs and development services. Moreover, our prices are affordable, and we are here to make your business website more lucrative and visitor friendly. Our process begins after meeting and signing up a client. The discussions are finalized on the deliverables, expectations, needs, market, and competitive landscape of client’s business to analyze the online and digital presence need.

Situation & Need Analysis

At MarketinGear, we ensure that we meet the client expectations. On top of that, we make sure that we are offering maximum value to the clients by delivering affordable and high-quality products & services. This can only be done after proper research, situation analysis and understanding the need of client and project. We meet the clients, discuss, and understand their market, business, brands, online presence, and digital marketing needs. Our top priority remains the effective and efficient solutions that results in maximum growth for client.

website mockup or theme
Website Wireframes & Mockups

The initial stage of web design and development process is designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) also called architecture. Fully functional mockups or wireframes (blueprints) of the web pages and website are created after research to offer the easy to use, user-friendly web design. It clarifies the decisions like the website features, landing pages, content placement, blocks, and graphics placement for the website. These mockups and website wireframes are presented to the client for final approval.

web design and development services provided by Marketingear
Web design

At MarketinGear, once we finalize the website mockups with the client, we start working on content and graphics strategy. Our website graphics and designs are made to expose the best side of the brands, services, and company’s reputation. Then comes designing the content strategy and content research. Content is very important for the reputation of the company and its brand message. The website’s content and graphics we design are not only attractive but are balanced in terms of features, messaging, and marketing.

Responsive web design and development
Web Development

MarketinGear is one of the best Web development companies in Sacramento Valley and Northern California. Our plan-to-action process is simple that involves client needs, market needs and advance web design and development. The graphics, design and content are also discussed with the clients and then the using the best web development techniques, the functionality, operations, and experience of the website are finalized. If it is a custom eCommerce website, the content, graphics and videos of products are produced for the optimization of product listings.

web audit and testing
Website Audit and Testing

Our professionals offer free website audits for improvement. Once we sign contract with any clients, we offer various free services including website audits, marketing audits, social media audits, to check and analyze the performance of the website and business online. We also test the website responsiveness on different devices, tablets, mobile phones and platforms. It makes sure that the reach to your clients is maximum and the website is working error-free on all devices. Your online presence must be in great shape to maximize your sales and profits.

Web maintenance
Website Maintenance

MarketinGear ensures the high-quality website maintenance services that revolves around the best customer service to our clients. Our automated processes keep everything in check from the safety & security of the websites, to keep the content and all landing pages intact. We make sure that it keeps improving the ranks of Google and other engines, error free, having maximum protection from spywares, viruses, and malwares. Website Maintenance is more important than creating a website otherwise, the website will be unknown the customers & search engine but known to the viruses and spywares.

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Experts and technicians with Silicon Valley experience are at your service to offer you the best possible solutions for your web design and development needs.

Website Design Packages

We offer transparent pricing for our website design and development services. We do not bait our clients by quoting $200 for a website at first and then upsell and cross-sell.

Shocking Website

Best for Small & Retail Businesses


Impressive Website

Best for Services – Nonprofits – Startups


Mesmerizing Website

Advanced Hi-Tech Website




Because we believe on quality with affordability. We don’t like to offer cheap websites and services and then bait our clients with upselling. Some business just needs a single or a three-page website but instead of ripping them off, we explain that such websites can be developed free of cost on Google.
We will do a complete situation analysis of your company, market and customers and will offer you the most affordable, effective and high performing solutions that will grow your business for long-term.

As all the web design and development services are virtual and digital services, they can be provided to anyone in any part of the world virtually. Our web development and design company is based in Sacramento. We have provided the online presence management services including web design and development to countless businesses in the surrounding areas of California and Nevada such as Reno, Redding, Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, Elk Grove, Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, Salinas and to almost every part of California and United States.

Web design and development starts when a website has multiple landing pages and is enriched with content and graphics. A single page or a three-page website doesn’t involve any design and development and can be built free at Google if you have intermediate computer skills.
Our web development services process involves,
– Website architecture (UI & UX Design, Sitemaps with wireframes and mockups)
– Website graphics and Content strategy (copyright Images, animations, patterns, graphics)
– Web Design and Development (Themes, blocks, main page and other pages, content, graphics and animations development and control)
– Website Testing and Launch (Testing for errors and responsiveness on all devices)
– Website Maintenance
For more information and detailed process, see the current page above.

Yes, the logos and a complete brand design, or corporate identity is needed before designing the website. For example, the logo and colors of Home Depot are orange and white. It will not make sense to create a website with a different Home Depot logo and with green and yellow website theme. MarketinGear provides best brand and logo design services also. Please visit the following page https://marketingear.com/branding/

It depends on the type of business, customers, and market. Nowadays, 9 out of 10 businesses need a solid online presence with an attractive website, fully established social media pages, digital marketing and advertising campaigns, and a long-term search engine optimization process.  A very few businesses may not need it if they do not feel a need to develop or grow their customers and business for some time. 

An ecommerce website is an online store for your products just like Amazon or Ebay. It requires different features than a banking website will need. Nowadays, with COVID 19 pandemic, most of the retail businesses, restaurants, even service providing businesses like barbershops have established eCommerce websites to sell the products and services online before the customer visit. This makes it easy for them to handle social distancing with appointments scheduling and managing the customer inflow in advance.