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eCommerce Management

MarketinGear is a pioneer ecommerce stores management company in Sacramento and actually the Silicon Valley. We have launched, and managed hundreds or shops at all ecommerce marketplaces and platforms like,

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • ETSY
  • Shopify
  • Instagram business
  • Facebook Market
  • Whatsapp Business

Grow your eCommerce Business!

Our scientific approach to manage client’s ecommerce businesses and stores have made them invest and see the return on investment growing their bank accounts. From creating a store to grow it to millions in Sales, ecommerce solutions provided by MarketinGear has build fortune for clients. We create, launch and optimize ecommerce stores and listings with appropriate branding and product description, that stands out in the market. At Marketingear, we thoroughly study a target demographic and meticulously design the customer experience in order to get the highest possible return on investment for bespoke ecommerce website development.


Because of the many kinds of support services we provide for you, you
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ecommerce store management and marketing
eCommerce Web Design & Development

Our designed ecommerce website and online stores are navigable for the users of all devices including computers and smartphones. The ecommerce websites must be high quality, free of bugs and have dedicated speeds in order to handle the traffic with maximum reach, allowing your customers enjoy effortless surfing for your products and stores. The merchant account integration help you keep track of sales, revenues, expenses and costs on the go. ecommerce management services are offered in California, Sacramento and around the world.

custom website design and development

MarketinGear approaches each ecommerce business and store with it unique requirements & customized strategies. Our ecommerce management solutions are based on new trends, competitive landscapes and then research-based automated advertising and marketing driven by data. This process delivers best results in the competition and among your target customers. We have successfully customized various stores on all ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, shopify, Instagram Business Store, Whatsapp Business, Facebook marketplace and many more.

online marketing and advertising services
Marketing & Advertisement

Marketing and Advertisement for ecommerce listings, stores and websites requires research, skills and experience to compete strategically in the highly competitive search engines advertising. It takes a hybrid of many tests, strategies, plans and investment and most importantly, patience to promote product listings and brands in the ecommerce arena. Our ecommerce marketing & advertising process provides results in the first few weeks and offer our clients huge cost cuts on social media and search engine advertising for their ecommerce websites and online stores.

Google Analytics Integration

Today, the marketing and business success is driven by data analytics. Companies spend millions of dollars to gather and analyze data of the customers and markets. Google Analytics provide the best research opportunity that leads to data driven strategies and results. ecommerce stores and website needs the integration of Google Analytics to provide the full performance report on listing impressions, visits, clicks, conversion, click through rate and various other metrics to understand the patterns and behaviors of target customers.

shop optimization services
Store Management & Optimization

MarketinGear has skilled technicians who have been a part of design, development, launch and marketing teams of various features of famous ecommerce portal like Amazon & Instagram shopping. It provides us a unique competitive advantage over the others and makes us the most experienced team for ecommerce store management in Sacramento. Our strategic store management and listings optimization help your products listings to be found in maximum user searches. Amazon, ETSY, eBay, Walmart, Instagram and Shopify store are optimized.

ecommerce store security services
Security Checks

In order to maximize your profit from an ecommerce website, the store or eCommerce website need to be efficient, fast and error free. The website’s speed must not be suffered by the more customers browsing your store and listings. If users will face problems at your website, they will not return and you will lose repeat buyers. This is why, ecommerce websites must be developed and programmed ensuring maximum security for customers’ personal information and error free experience of shopping and browsing.

Which eCommerce platforms
do we work on?

We are always striving to provide our clients with high-quality work, and as a result,
we only utilize the most specialized tools while working on your project.

Amazon & eBay

Setting up the Amazon or eBay store is not easy and time taking. It takes time and experience to add product listings and description and them market the store to make it a success. For many products, it is important to have a full-service website with an amazon & eBay store for handling customer service and support.

Shopify & WooCommerce

Shopify & woocommerce are ecommerce store building platforms and wordpress plugin respectively. These are used to open small to medium sized ecommerce Store. Creating a store will be easy with these platforms but optimizing and standing out in the competition will be hard.

ETSY - Instagram

Etsy is a great ecommerce platform to launch stores and sell a variety of both physical and digital products. MarketingGear can guide you to setup and launch your ecommerce store on ETSY and start earning from home with your skills and hobbies. Instagram is also a new and extremely growing platform for new brands.

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eCommerce Management Packages

We offer professional web design and ecommerce management services at affordable rates to help your
business attract more visitors and keep them on your site!


Basic eCommerce Store Setup &


/ Month

$2499 First Month



Advance eCommerce Stores Setup & Management


/ Month
$3499 First Month



Big eCommerce Stores Setup & Management


/ Month

$4499 First Month




Ecommerce is the future of shopping which got a big boost after COVID 19 pandemic. Ecommerce stores are the online shops that sell material or digital products. If you have a skill, hobby or money to invest in products that sell at Amazon, ebay or at your website, the return on investment of a ebusiness is huge. It is important to manage the store with the focus on maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

User experience and user interface of the ecommerce website and landing pages are very important to engage the customers and pursue them to buy the products. It requires an error free, secure, fast and reliable website. Security of the website is very important because the customers will share their personal and credit card information on the website while making purchases.

Digital marketing, online advertising and search engine optimization of the ecommerce stores and websites are very important as they don’t have any offline presence or physical structure like retail shops where customers buy. The example of the importance of digital marketing for ecommerce stores and websites is the online ad campaigns Walmart online. Even though, Walmart is a big retailer with physical establishment, it spends a lot of money on digital advertising to attract online shoppers. 

Absolutely! MarketinGear provides ample customization opportunities for the recreation of obsolete websites as well as the advancement of novel ones. These customizations are guided by the client’s valuable inputs. Checks and balances are applied at each step so that the website develops in the direction of extended profits. The packages are designed to facilitate the clients for their ecommerce store and marketing needs. For a full-service custom ecommerce store, the tycoon package is suggested.

In most cases, Yes!. You can go on Amazon or eBay and check for yourself. The brands and stores trusted by the customers the most will have separate websites for them to facilitate customers with more information on the brands and products sold at these platforms and to provide maximum customer satisfaction with after sales customer service. In some cases it may not be needed but it depends on your business’s growth and strategy. If you are in the business for long-term then it is a good idea. But, if your are refurbished phone seller on eBay, then may be not.