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Content marketing

Content Marketing Services

If Internet is SuperHero, Content is the SuperPower. Content Marketing is and will always be the core of digital marketing and online presence plan. The major difference between two similar businesses can just be the content & the strategic content marketing which may create a very different brand positioning.
MarketinGear is one of the most leading Content Marketing agencies that is working in Sacramento for over 7 years. Experienced in coherent brand messaging and unified digital & content marketing!


Content Marketing & Brand Positioning

Content is everything that influences the mind of the people and position a brand in their minds through visuals, images, graphics, videos, text and words and so many other tools.

 At MarketinGear, our focus is to develop a coherent and cohesive Brand Message that impresses the target customers and keep them conscious about your brand. Apart for various objectives, the biggest goal of designing and publishing the content is Engagement of customers. We do it not just through  managing Blogs, Guest Posts, Social Media, Web Copy, and Product Reviews but through proper customer and market research and defined content strategy.

Content marketing services

Content Marketing Involves

MarketinGear is the content marketing services that give utmost importance to not only the demographic market research but also the customer Psychographic research to effectively develop and execute the content strategies. Major components of our research based content marketing services are the following.

content strategy
Content Strategy

Content strategy involves answering all the content related questions of how, what, when, where and why. Then the content creation is done against specific business objectives. It is a planning process that defines the content marketing part of the business marketing plan and also the creation, publication and promotion strategies of the content. The content strategy designed by MarketinGear has proven its success for various business in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Images, Infographics & Videos

To make the content look more appealing, we produce images, infographics & Videos in the alignment with the brand messaging and objectives of content marketing. These images, infographics and videos fulfill the unique purpose of providing information in a way that the eyes are attracted to and the mind responds to. Images, infographics and videos are the media of 21st century because it is the century of social media, hype and content that goes viral in no time.

conversion rate optimization to grow the revenue
Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of improving the proportion of website visitors who complete a desired activity after arriving at the page. Purchase of a product, clicking on ‘add to cart,’ signing up for a service, filling out a form, or clicking on a link are all examples of desired activities on a website. All activities related to bringing people to the website and engage them in different activities on the website is conversion optimization.

white paper case studies and ebooks writing
White Papers, Case Studies & eBooks

Depending on the brand message and the objectives of the content marketing campaign, different types of materials and content pieces are created to generate more awareness, spread brand message, and present the brand in the most appealing way while gathering and providing information. These content pieces are created in the form of white papers, research-based case studies and eBooks which may help the customers to know a brand better and earn great reputation.

blog writing services
Blog Articles

Blog Articles are another way to provide information ins clear, concise and simple manner to the audience looking to have more information on a certain topic. Blogs are also of different types. In general, a blog written in the form of articles is the most common blog type. Blog publications are another form of promoting your brand and connecting with audience while providing information. Powerful words always create a huge difference and impact human minds.

newsletter writing and sending services

Newsletters are used by the brands to share news, updates and information about the company, products, and services with the stakeholders mainly, customers and subscribers. Newsletters are sent through emails and land right into the inbox of the audience. Research shows that even if the audience may not be interested in your message, a reasonable number of emails with planned content and strategy keeps the customers remember the subject and the somehow the message of the email for long time.

Our Content Marketing Process

Our content marketing process is research oriented and is designed to position brands in the mind of target customers. Our process is tested by various brands in Silicon Valley, and around the world!

We plan and create our content marketing strategies in ways that help the brands we work with, engage and create a close connection with their customers. Creating high-quality content is not enough. Being aware of how, where and when to promote it makes a huge difference.
To assist your brand get a better reach at the right time, our consistent and diligent team members will work in collaboration with you to reach the following goals:

  • Analyze and explore each customer’s Purchasing Journey through designing Customer Empathy Maps
  • Information search on buyer intent and search volume
  • Developing content strategies & Content Type Decisions
  • Topics, media, brand messaging and time decisions
  • Content Creation
  • Optimization & Publish
  • Promotion & Engagement
  • Review, Change and Repeat

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Graphics, jingles, visual ads, videos, texts, white papers or anything that defines content for a brand, we can create and we can market!

Content Marketing Packages

If Internet is SuperHero, Content is the SuperPower. The content marketing services offered by MarketinGear in Sacramento are unique and powerful with academic research, professional experience and silicon valley’s confidence behind them!


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Businesses from all industries and of all types and sizes can use content marketing for Branding in general and for specific promotions, goals and objectives (short-term and long-term). From retail stores to major consumer brands, from service providers to tech companies, any business can reach out to their targeted audience and establish a sound position of their brand if content marketing tools are used properly.

One of the biggest mistakes that content marketing firms can commit is jumping into action without a well-planned strategy. For any kind of marketing activity, it is useless to expect successful results in the long run if there is no proper plan. It takes rigorous research and testing efforts to test, develop and execute content marketing which all depends on the short-term and long-term objectives the brand or company needs to achieve.  The whole process involves the short-term and long-term objectives, market and consumer research, content and branding plans and strategies, content development, coherent and cohesive execution of the content marketing plan, testing the progress of plans and strategies, making changes and adaptations. This process is repeated and revised because the trends and objectives change over the time.

 Every brand is eager to find out how much the money that they are spending on content marketing is benefiting them. The best possible way to measure the results is by determining your return on investment (ROI).

Different brands, however, have different goals. So, according to your brand’s demands, you can keep a track of whether or not there has been any positive impact on your leads, reach, conversion rates, or social shares.The engagement of the target customers is another key performance indicator

Content marketing is involve BRAND MESSAGING which is designed, developed and executed, strategically, using tools to influences the 5 senses of humans to market a brand. The content involves sounds (music), text (Jingles, articles, posts), images, videos, letters, press releases, product/service features, and so many other attributes to target customers for brand awareness and engagement. It targets users across various channels and engages users from one channel to another. Search Engine Optimization or Marketing, on the other hand, is about making your content as accessible as possible for search engine users and helping it perform effectively. This is one of the most common questions that most people are confused about.

Content is the collection of images, videos, presentations, text, case studies, research reports, customer stories, company stories, brand stories, brand and company achievements, company products, services, music, sounds, visuals, graphics and everything that involves influencing human brain through human senses in the favor of a brand, business or company. It involves developing a coherent and cohesive BRAN MESSAGES using all these above mentioned tools.

Digital Content Marketing is the content marketing that is done using digital platforms like social media, search engines, online newsletters etc. Content marketing is also done offline through print, newspapers, magazines and so on. The objective of content marketing is delivering a Brand Message to engage customer and pursue them to like and purchase our brand/product/service and it can be done both digitally and through offline media depending on the strategy, product and audience.