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Starting from logo design to creating a brand identity, from prototypes to the final delivery of your website, our process is simple and effective. Digital Marketing, search engine optimization and eCommerce Management services are provided by our Silicon Valley hardened team that ensures quality service and growth.

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Full Service Web Design & Development

Starting from logo design to creating a brand identity, from prototypes to the final delivery of your website, our process is simple and effective.
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MarketinGear is a full service online presence management and digital marketing company based in Sacramento, California. The research-based proven web design & development, digital marketing, social media advertising and the search engine optimization processes developed by experts at MarketinGear grow organic searches, leads and sales for your business and save you money for targeted paid advertising.

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We achieve it by doing extensive and intensive market research and understand your business, brands, competition and stakeholders thoroughly. That is how we make informed decisions when providing the best digital marketing services in Sacramento and surrounding areas. This enables us to target your customers better than competition that saves you effort, time and marketing cost to spend on other growth activities for your business.

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Brand is the impression of your products in customers’ minds that distinguishes you from other similar products and competition. We are one of the best Logo design company in Northern California.

Web design and development services
Web Design & Development

At MarketinGear, we are proud of our scientific web design and development services & processes. This is because we kicked off as a web design and development company in Sacramento, California.

Digital marketing and seo services
Digital Marketing

Not just in Sacramento, but around the globe, or digital marketing services are recognized by some great brands and companies we have worked with. Our SEO team has won awards for best organic marketing.

Social media management and marketing
Social Media Management

Social media management and marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Twitter, linkedIn, Snapchat & TikTok is challenging in terms of engagement and mainly because of the tough competition.

Content Marketing Services
Content Marketing

Content defines you and your brand. The people trust what they see, hear, read and feel and these are the main characteristics of the content. Content marketing is considered an art and science at MarketinGear.

ecommerce management marketing and other services
eCommerce Management

eCommerce and online stores are the future of shopping and that is why it is getting challenging day by day to open a eCommerce store and start selling online. Be worry free with our eCommerce Management & Solutions.


Present yourself online & in the Hearts & Minds of your Customers!

Storytelling is our core value and that is how we strengthen our core strength i.e., Online Presence Management. With compelling websites, proven digital marketing strategies, coherent content management, social media advertising and genuine ambitions, MarketinGear make your ambitions our mission. Our team has proven to accomplish this mission by giving small businesses and startups, high growth with our online presence management and digital marketing strategies, years over years.

Web Design & development 90%
Digital marketing & SEO 92%
Branding 93%
eCommerce Management 94%
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Brand design includes the name of the company or business, logo, color scheme, font or typography, mission, vision, core values, and everything that helps your products or services stick in the mind of the customer. It is the impression of your products or services in the mind of the customer. Brand design is the most important thing that differentiates your company from competitors and creates value. For example, Nike’s logo, if placed on a pair of ordinary running shoes will add value to the shoes and will make a $10 shoe, sell for $100.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques used to optimize your website, content, social media, and everything related to the online presence, against specific keywords and improve the rank or position of your website in the eyes of search engines like Google and Bing. The main goal of SEO is to rank the website on first few pages, organically (means originally – not as Google Ads on the top in Google searches) by targeting the keywords, your target customers usually use to search businesses, products, or services like yours on the search engine. The higher the competition on a keyword, the harder it is to rank your website on the search engines against that keyword. 

Static Websites, also known as fixed websites, are the most basic kind of websites, consisting of web pages with predefined content that cannot be changed. This implies that it doesn’t change or adapt based on the device used to open that website. Responsive websites also called adaptive websites are the websites that change and adapt the dimensions of the device, the user uses to view that website. For example, the mobile or tablet version of the website will be different than a desktop version of a responsive website. The components change in size in response to the size of the display screen. These websites are created with a mobile-first strategy in mind and can be viewed on Apple, Windows, Android, TV devices, tablets, cell phones, or any other platform. These days, the websites designed and developed are mostly responsive, not static to reach a bigger audience.
Yes, definitely! The audience of social media can help even the startups, small and medium-sized businesses build brand awareness in no time. Social media marketing provides an opportunity to identify a target market or customers for products and services easily. The target customers are then targeted strategically with the content designed keeping the preferences of these customers in mind, and the advertisements to brand and sell the products and services. Other advantages include low-cost market research and statistics availability, situation analysis and testing, increased reach, and early campaign management for potential customers.
Search engine optimization focuses on getting organic traffic to your website by increase the rank and position of your website to have it listed at the first few pages of the search engine against specific & targeted keywords. Search engine marketing involves the marketing of your business, getting traffic, visibility, and managing an online presence for products & businesses from both organic and paid search. It also involves paid advertising on the search engine like the ads that appear at the top few positions when we search on the search engine with any keyword.

The different strategies used in digital marketing are:
– Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
– Social Media Marketing & Advertising
– Search Engine Advertising
– Content Marketing
– Responsive Web Design and development
Check out the services page of our website to know more. 

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are sometimes used synonymously but there are huge differences among these. For example, user experience is about the making a product more efficient and operationally sound whereas, user interface is making a product attractive, interactive, understanding, and adaptive to the needs of the user. User Interface is the look, interior or exterior of the product (like a car) and user experience is the performance and usage of the product (like engine or other systems in a car). Both these techniques are extremely important when designing a website so that the website is fully functional with the features and convenient to use for the user.

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