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Branding starts with logo design.


a compelling and minimalist logo will impress the people to become not just your customers, but loyal customer.

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  • Decals
  • Posters
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What our Brand Design Agency does best?

To make your brand relatable and trustworthy, we assess the various aspects of your business.
Then, we develop plans that fit your business needs, making sure that you get the recognition
you desire. We at MarketinGear, provide a wide array of branding services such as branding and logo design services in Sacramento.

Logo Design

Starting from suggesting the best name for your company or product, MarketinGear, is a leading Logo Design Agency in Greater Sacramento that boasts high standards of unique logo design for companies. Our team considers the services, products, and brand message during logo creation. You can expect users to identify you instantly via the logo.

Brand color palette and Typography

Choosing the right color palette for the website, brand and your company can make a big difference. Here, it takes an artistic approach & contrast is a significant factor. The artists at this Logo Design Agency opt for the best color scheme for your business using the color psychology.

Email & Newsletter Templates

Creating innovative templates for emails and newsletters is our forte. For that, we research extensively and decide the best layout for your brand. It takes a depth of experience and rigorous research to find out the connection among the customers and the email or newsletter templates they will click and read.


Publishing visually splendid brochures play a significant role in attracting more customers. With a strategic position of the content and a contrasting color scheme, you can increase brand growth with efficiency.


Business letters have a much deeper impact. That is why professional letterhead services are essential. Here, our experts incorporate unique styles and choose readable yet catchy fonts. In formal client communication, letterheads are required to endorse each word and statement.

Business Cards

From us, you can get multiple designs of business cards. This gives users the opportunity to select from a comprehensive list. Moreover, we also grant modifications to the card based on the needs of the clients.

Our Case Studies

semiyard driver app
Semiyard: All Branding & Marketing Gear

Marketingear is Semiyard's marketing and branding design partner. From social media management to digital advertising design and campaigns, Marketingear proudly serve Semiyard. We have designed various posters, banners

Poster Design

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Branding Packages

Our creative team loves to play with words and colors. The core of our branding services is adding mesmerizing, valuable and meaningful logos, words, fonts, colors, and character to have the best first & lasting impression.

Shock Branding

Attractive Branding Design Package


Impress Branding

Impressive Branding Design Package


Mesmerize Branding

Mesmerizing Branding Design Package




Branding involves every physical, digital, and virtual experiences that create and develops awareness and personality of your products compared to those of your competitors. It includes logos, images, packaging, complementary items, templates, letter heads, and everything else, that makes your customers feel good about your products. A branding packages includes,
– Business Name and Logo
– Color palette
– Shape
– Tagline and messaging statements
– Fonts
– All graphics for website, social media pages, and marketing material like Flyers and letterheads.
– Packaging (in aligned with logo, colors, and other product image)
– Brand marketing, promotion, and positioning strategy

Brand identity is the first step in the branding process that includes the name, logo, shape, tagline, colorful graphics, and anything that makes the customers identify your brand.
Branding is a process that starts from creating the brand identity but never stops. It involves creating, shaping, and even changing the brand message, brand values, brand positioning and perception of a brand in the customer’s mind. It involves various activities, advertisement, promotion, and overall strategies to keep the brand image and messaging aligned.

Branding shapes and presents the culture, values, image and perception of a business or a company for years to come, whereas digital marketing is more focused on short-term advertising, marketing and promotions of company’s products and service for sales growth.

If a company is in business for a long-term, branding plays a major role to have repeat customers. This is called brand loyalty. For example, Apple customers are very loyal to Apple products, and it shows that Apple’s branding strategy has created extreme brand loyalty. Even if a model of iPhone or another product launched by it is not so good, many customers will argue that Apple will not compromise on quality. This is the brand image that Apple has created in years.

The logo is the first impression and a sign that bring the name, quality, experiences, and products of your company in the mind of customer as soon as the customer sees it. A simple, minimalist logo that will be easy to remember should be a main objective while designing and logo for a company. MarketinGear believe and simple, minimalist, and very attractive logo designs that will align your brand and its personality. Your customer will not forget the logo which will increase brand loyalty.